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Forresters to Byron Bay the LONG Way.

Who likes a Classic? Who needs a Challenge?

We all do going by the number of swims that liberally splash those words into their titles.

So lets do the biggest Classicest Challenge you can think of. Lets swim around the world!

In each of the past few season the combined efforts of the NSW Ocean Swimming community could have ‘just about’ swum around the world. This season I reckon we can go one better and make the distance.

Nominally starting from Forresters Beach where the first swim of the season was held and aiming to finish off at Byron Bay where the last swim is held in May we need to cover just over 42,000 kms (as very roughly measured using Google Earth).

Stay tuned for updates and remember to look out for one or two extra swims to do this season to help make sure we go the distance.