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There have been a few changes to the way the points system works. The calculation method is unchanged but only Your Top 3 Swims will be used for the Average Points. One reason for this change is the ever increasing cost of entering the swims. Completing 3 swims this year will cost you about as much as completing 5 swims back when the series began. Having tried my hand at getting a new swim going I know there is not much organisers can do to keep a lid on costs but I also know the average punter only has so much to spend on their favourite summer sport.

How are points calculated ?

  • Determine the time of the fastest man and fastest woman to complete the swim. They get 100 points.
  • Determine the time of the slowest man and the slowest woman to complete the swim. They get 1 point.
  • The number of points awarded to everybody else is determined by calculating the ratio of their time to the fastest and slowest times, and applying this ratio to point scale of 100 down to 1.
  • The number of points are calculated using
  • 100 – 99 * (Time – FastestTime) / (SlowestTime – FastestTime)
  • Here’s an example. Consider an ocean swim where the fastest swimmer took 20 minutes and the slowest swimmer took 50 minutes. Consider the following times for other swimmers:
    • 25 minutes. Points = 100 – 99 * (25 – 20) / (50 – 20) = 83.5
    • 35 minutes. Points = 100 – 99 * (35 – 20) / (50 – 20) = 50.5
    • 45 minutes. Points = 100 – 99 * (45 – 20) / (50 – 20) = 17.5
  • Points are calculated using times as minutes and seconds for more accuracy.
  • Points are calculated using all swimmers who competed – male, female
  • This is to give you a score of how you compared to the rest of the field. The times of all swimmers will be slower on a difficult swim than compared with an easy swim. So if you finish in the top 20% of both an easy and hard swim you will earn a similar number of points.
  • However, when determining age group results for the series, you will only be competing against people in your age group.
  • This system for calculating points tries to remove any bias from the number of people competing.